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Interlock Devices (a division of)
Control Systems LLC
Jim Neale
1971 N. Abrego Drive
Green Valley, AZ  85614

Off: 520.625.5100
Fax: 520.399.3141
Cell: 520.400.7403

NADCP Bronze Member
LifeSafer Interlock was formed in July 1991 by surviving pioneers of ignition interlock technology and programs stemming back to the first state initiated pilot program by the State of California in 1986.

LifeSafer and its independent Service Provider partners in the Interlock business have been largely responsible from the industry-side in driving the market by developing and advancing:

  • Legislative initiatives at the Federal and State levels
  • Technological standards and Program regulations
  • The hardware and software products for the industry to emulate and
  • The most extensive distribution and service network in the United States

The company's strategy is three fold:

1. Maintain its technological leadership position through innovations that elevate standards for the whole industry which has been demonstrated by:

  • The introduction of the Sc100, the 1st interlock to meet the NHTSA standards both of which were published and introduced in 1992
  • The 1st electronic information reporting system introduced in 1994 in the State of West Virginia before most of us had ever heard of the Internet
  • The introduction of an alcohol-specific interlock, the Fc100 in 1998, the most widely used interlock device in the United States today
  • The introduction of LSA-Auto Plus in 2004, an Internet-database driven, software package that fully-integrates the manufacturer/provider/jurisdiction interlock program, which is flexible and customizable to any Jurisdictions needs or specifications
  • That will be followed by the introduction of a patent-pending evidential positive ID interlock device, the FC200ID in 2005

2. Build and maintain its market share leadership position since 1996 which has been accomplished by:

  • The avoidance of franchising and building the largest network of independent dedicated Service Provider alliances in the industry
  • Who have an installed base well in excess of 30,000 LifeSafer devices in over 90% of the States which have an active interlock program

3. Build and maintain a solidly profitable and stable company since 1994, which has been and will continue to be accomplished by:

  • Being focused as a low-cost, high quality interlock manufacturer and provider of interlock products and programs
  • Providing a fully-warranted and technically supported and aggressively priced leasing program to ensure quality at and profitability for our Service Provider partners
  • Expanding the business with our Service Provider partners wherever possible, who have demonstrated and proven themselves to be operators of high integrity interlock programs and whose Principals have a personal commitment and relish the opportunity to operate a business that has such a positive social impact

LifeSafer Interlock, Inc., is a closely-held, private company and all of its shareholders are or were actively involved in the Interlock industry. A couple have passed on, Mr. Robert "Bob" Krominga and Dr. Donald Collier - the original inventor of the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device.